PDA® Measurements and CAPWAP® Analyses

M+EG Technical Services (MTS), a division of M+EG Consulting Limited, has performed PDA testing and CAPWAP analyses on over 300 steel and concrete piles over the course of about 100 piling projects.  PDA/CAPWAP have been performed on both driven piles and drilled shafts. 

Most of our pile testing has been completed within Metro Vancouver and the province of British Columbia; however, the equipment is portable and can be easily transported to sites outside of British Columbia.


PDA® Equipment

  • Our personnel have been involved in performing and interpreting PDA® measurements and CAPWAP® analyses for over 10 years.
  • M+EG owns the latest versions of the PAX and PAK Pile Driving Analyzers® from Pile Dynamics Inc. of Cleveland, Ohio. PAX allows for wireless smart sensors which is useful in remote locations, such as over water.
  • We are able to offer a complete PDA® and CAPWAP® service for the testing of all driven pile types and also drilled shafts.

PDA® Testing

PDA® monitors hammer and drive system performance, stresses during driving, pile integrity as well as axial capacity.
  • Permits multiple tests to be performed rapidly and economically.
  • PDA® measurements have been made during initial driving and at various stages to evaluate axial capacity setup.
  • PDA® tests can be performed using a variety of hammer types (e.g. drop hammer, ECH, open-ended diesel, hydraulic) on both steel and concrete piles.
  • Care during pile instrumentation is vital in order to obtain good quality data.

CAPWAP® Analyses

Signal matching in CAPWAP® is used to interpret the PDA® data and evaluate the axial pile capacity in compression (from stress wave analysis). 
  • Consistent and repetitive results can be obtained from good quality data.
  • Provides estimate of resistance distribution along the shaft and at the pile toe.
  • PDA®/CAPWAP® can lead to more efficient and economical pile design.
  • Can be combined with WEAP analyses for construction monitoring.