MTS is able to provide multi-disciplinary testing services that meet or exceed international standards due to the combination of high quality testing equipment and the expertise of our personnel.  Our aim is to provide the greatest possible value by means of the development of a quality assurance and quality control scheme and a cost-effective testing program oriented to our client needs.

Areas of activity include laboratory testing for static and dynamic design of foundations and the evaluation of geotechnical and geological aspects for buildings, bridges, offshore and harbor structures. 

The cyclic/dynamic equipment permits the dynamic characterization of soils, as required for conducting site response analysis, determining liquefaction potential and soil structure.  Static and dynamic characterization of new building construction sites as required by building codes can be facilitated through site-specific testing programs.  Prior to performing any dynamic tests, all undisturbed samples are gamma-rayed to determine the location in the tube for the best possible sample.  The evaluation of sample quality by means of gamma-rays identifies horizons of disturbance, possible gas entrapment and inclusions that may affect test results. 

The results of the advanced laboratory testing can also be used to determine comprehensive geotechnical parameters for sophisticated numerical modeling.  The site-specific laboratory testing provides additional understanding of specific soils (may not be covered by general design code recommendations) for foundation design.  Technical papers presenting the results and findings from the dynamic testing performed by MTS have been published in the Canadian Geotechnical Conferences.

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