Sheet Pile Walls at SeaBus Terminals

Project: Assessment of Sheet Pile Walls at SeaBus Terminals
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Client: Ausenco Sandwell

In 2010, MEG Consulting Limited was contracted to Ausenco Sandwell, which is working with Translink, to evaluate the seismic performances of the sheet pile walls at the SeaBus Terminals in both Vancouver and North Vancouver, BC.

The scope of work provided by M+EG considered the following:

  • Supervision of drilling, sampling and in-situ testing;
  • 1D site response analyses;
  • Analysis of the susceptibility of the granular soils to initial liquefaction under the design earthquake conditions;
  • Analysis of ground deformations resulting from earthquake loading and design of remedial measures based on 2D FLAC models;
  • Assessment of the sheet pile walls under seismic conditions.

Project Highlights:

  • The total dynamic active earth pressures acting on the sheet pile walls include the inertial forces of the soils (PAE), the hydrostatic pressures (Pw) and the hydrodynamic water pressures (Pdw) were provided Ausenco Sandwell, as requested.  The results of the earth pressure distributions were used to perform the non-linear lateral response analyses for the sheet pile wall using the program PYWall (2007).
  • Based on the case histories of anchored sheet pile wall performance in waterfront areas, damage assessment has been performed in accordance with the recommendations from Gazetas et al. (1990).  In addition, the results have been compared with the two case histories from Japan to illustrate the type of seismic performance of sheet pile walls in waterfront areas under seismic loading.
  • In order to remediate the undesirable earthquake response of the sheet pile walls, potential geotechnical and/or structural improvements have been considered.