R&R Trading Rail Spur

Project: R&R Rail Spur
Location: Delta, BC
Client: R&R Trading
The development at R&R Trading required construction of a rail spur extending from the existing CN track.  The new track alignment spans over an infilled drainage ditch, where large total and differential settlements were expected to occur. 

The scope of work was to assess the short-term and long-term settlements, and to define the requirements for preloading to achieve performance compatibility with the connection to the existing CN track.

M+EG was responsible for the following activities:
  • Field investigation consisting of CPT soundings.
  • Definition of ground improvement to mitigate settlement issues.
  • Definition of backfill requirements for infilling the drainage ditch.

Project Highlights:

  • Advance settlement modeling was used to account for the potential variation of the silty clay layer to estimate the maximum differential settlement along the rail alignment.
  • Performing hand auger testing to assess the topsoil in the ditch area.  The results obtained from the hand auger holes had significant contribution to the final recommendations for foundation preparation and backfilling the ditch.