Cargill Facility - Track Expansion Project

Project: Cargill Facility - Track Expansion Project
Location: North Vancouver, BC
Client: Hatch Mott MacDonald/Hatch Corporation

The track expansion project at Cargill Ltd. facility in North Vancouver, BC, required re-alignment of the existing tracks and construction of a new extension.  The extension is about 400m long and is parallel to the Canadian National (CN) railway.


The project site is located on the north shore Burrard Inlet, where the surficial geology comprises highly variable deltaic deposits, ranging from fine-grained sediments to boulders.  The geotechnical challenge at the project site is to evaluate the potential variation in soil conditions that exist along the length of the tracks and the associated foundation response. 

In addition, the timber retaining wall located adjacent to the receiving tracks was found to have suffered severe deterioration caused by fungal attack.  Replacement of the damaged timber wall was subsequently included in the scope.

The scope of work included foundation evaluation for the new track bed, design of new and the replacement retaining walls, and design of pile foundation for the indexer that forms part of the upgrade of the track shed.

M+EG was responsible for the following activities:
  • Review available geotechnical data to evaluate the soil conditions along the rail tracks.
  • Evaluation of foundation response for the rail tracks.
  • Design of various geogrid-reinforced retaining walls.
  • Pile foundation evaluation for the indexer.
Project Highlights:
  • Assessing the potential variation in soil conditions that exist along the tracks.
  • Providing geotechnical input to the indexer foundation to meet stringent settlement criteria.
  • Providing various configurations/reinforcement details for different walls to minimize construction costs.