Site Investigations - Offshore

M+EG has extensive experience in the design and supervision of offshore site investigation programs that vary in both size and complexity.  In 2003-2004 M+EG was involved in the design, coordination and supervision of one of the largest site investigation and characterization projects for the Mexican national oil company (PEMEX) which involved geotechnical and geophysical investigations at 49 platform sites and pipeline alignments in the Gulf of Mexico.  In 2007, M+EG provided QA/QC services for the Pacific Engineering Company Limited (PECO) during the site investigation program required for the design of the proposed gravity-base concrete (GBS) platform and pipeline corridor at the Arkutun Dagi site, offshore Sakhalin Island, Russia.  M+EG has extensive knowledge on the technologies/techniques required for drilling, sampling, and in situ and laboratory testing of soils, including carbonate/calcareous soils, in both coastal and offshore locations.  M+EG has offshore experience in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans as well as other marine locations around the world.  Responsibilities have varied from acting as coordinator/supervisor of the investigation program to being a client representative for QA/QC activities on site.