Offshore Oil and Gas

As a company, we have extensive experience and knowledge of the oil and gas industry and have been involved in major geotechnical engineering projects.  In 2003-2004 M+EG’s was involved in the design, coordination and supervision of one of the largest site characterization projects for the Mexican national oil company (PEMEX) which involved the soil characterization and preliminary geotechnical design of 49 fixed platform sites in the Gulf of Mexico.  M+EG’s technical personnel have extensive experience in the foundation design of pile platforms, GBS platforms, pipelines and near-shore infrastructure associated with the production, handling and transportation of oil and gas.  M+EG has been involved in the evaluation of geohazards impacting offshore infrastructure, including the assessment of seabed stability, influence of carbonate/calcareous soils in the design of platform foundations, and protection systems against ice loads for platform foundation and pipelines.  M+EG technical staff has extensive knowledge in application of the geotechnical recommendations provided in API, ISO and specific guidelines provided by the Client.