Numerical Analyses

Geotechnical numerical modeling has gained more relevance in recent years due to the new performance-based approach considered in the recent building codes.  M+EG provides advanced numerical analyses to evaluate and verify the standard design approaches for any foundation design.  Numerical modeling is commonly calibrated with laboratory testing to provide site-specific results.  The numerical analyses usually provide an additional understanding of static and seismic performance of foundations which can facilitate the optimization of the foundation design and provide a more cost-effective design, compared to standard code-based approaches.  M+EG’s technical staff has extensive knowledge and experience in the use of highly specialized programs such as FLAC for the non-linear evaluation of geotechnical systems considering water flow for static and dynamic loads, DYNA5 for the evaluation of soil-structure interaction under dynamic loads and design of vibratory machine foundations, and SASSI for the evaluation of soil structure interaction of 2D and 3D systems.