Mosjoen Wharf

Project: Assessment of Mosjoen Wharf
Location: Mosjoen, Norway
Client: Sandwell Engineering Inc.

In 2006, Sandwell Engineering Inc. was requested by Bechtel Corporation (Bechtel) to provide a  review of the design for a new conveyor support and foundation system which had already been prepared by a Norwegian consultant.  M+EG was requested to provide input for the geotechnical aspects related to the conveyor foundations and wharf.  During the review process, Sandwell proposed a tentative concept for the design of the new conveyor support system, which was later requested by Bechtel to further evaluate the new concept of the conveyor support system.


The scope of work provided by M+EG considered the following:

  • Assessment of the stability of the slope beneath the existing jetty;
  • Analyses for the pile group foundations for the proposed conveyor support system;
  • Perform pile driveability analyses.

Project Highlights:

  • The design was performed in accordance with Norwegian design codes.
  • The foundations for the conveyor supports were designed using an H-pile section (HE400B).  In order to isolate the lateral pile response from the surrounding near-surface soils, the H piles were sleeved over the upper 12 m in a 711-mm diameter steel pipe pile.  At a depth of 8 m, a 4-m long concrete plug was designed between the pipe pile and H pile in order to provide confinement for the foundation soil.
  • The conveyor is to be carried on a cantilever arrangement, which induces permanent static moment and uplift loading.  The piles have been extended back in order to counterbalance the static moment and tension loads.  In addition, an embedded concrete slab has been added behind the pile cap to provide additional resistance to lateral loading.
  • The embedded concrete slab was modeled using a simple p-y formulation and was used in the pile group analyses.  In addition, the pile cap stiffness (including the concrete slab) was provided to Sandwell for structural analyses.