Deltaport Berth 3 Expansion

Project: Deltaport Berth 3 Expansion
Location: Delta, British Columbia
Client: Deltaport Constructors Ltd.

MEG Consulting Ltd. (M+EG) was contracted by Deltaport Constructors Ltd. (DCL) to provide geotechnical support to the site activities related to the construction of the new Berth 3 facilities.  The 432m long berth was formed by the placement of ten large sunken concrete caissons along the quay face, which were used to retain compacted granular fill.

Foundation preparation included the placement of a densified crushed rockfill blanket on the seafloor and subsequent installation of stone columns over the footprint area of the caissons.

Prior to commencing construction, M+EG provided geotechnical input to DCL  in relation to the possible source quarries and stone characteristics around the Lower Mainland. M+EG prepared the design details for temporary works associated with the construction of the berth, which involved the design of a temporary sheet pile wall at the interface between the existing and new berths, and reviewed the monitoring data as the excavation at the end of the existing berth progressed.  During the installation of the stone columns for the densification trials, M+EG provided PDA testing services to  enable calibration of a Becker hammer that was used on site to determine the effectiveness of the ground improvement measures.  Becker Density Tests (BDT) were performed at the centroid locations of the stone columns array at various locations around the site.   The Becker results were used to assess the densification of the foundation soils and to control the ground densification works.
The project commenced in 2006 and was completed in 2009; project values was $200 million.