Pounders Emulsion Plant

Project: Pounders Emulsion Plant – Winterfill Tank Project
Location: Kamloops, BC
Client: Fransen Engineering Ltd.
Pounder Emulsions, a division of Husky Energy, has been supplying asphalt emulsions in Western Canada since 1946.  In 2008, M+EG was contracted by Fransen Engineering Ltd. to provide geotechnical services for the expansion at the manufacturing plant in Kamloops, BC.  The expansion consists of two circular winterfill emulsion tanks with dimensions of 14.6 m in height and diameter.

M+EG was initially involved in the project in 2008 for the original design where the proposed emulsion tanks were to be placed on the east side of the plant area.  In 2010, M+EG was requested to evaluate the feasibility of placing the tanks at a new location.  Additional site investigation was carried out in 2010 to verify the soil conditions at the new location.  The foundation assessment was revisited in 2010.

The following scope of work was carried out by M+EG:
  • 2008 site investigation including cone penetration tests, solid stem auger drilling and sampling.
  • Installation of standpipe piezometer to confirm static groundwater levels at the site.
  • Laboratory testing.
  • Two CPT soundings were conducted in 2010 to verify the soil conditions at the new location.
  • Engineering analyses for the tank foundations, including bearing capacity and settlement assessment.
  • Provision of recommendations for foundation preparation, including requirements for preloading to limit long term settlements.
  • Provide comments on geotechnical aspects of seismic design.

Project Highlights:

  • The foundation load exerted by a fully filled tank was expected to cause significant foundation settlements.  Analyses were carried out to detail a preload program to minimize the impact to the construction schedule.  Finite element analyses were also performed to evaluate the potential differential settlement for different foundation stiffness.
  • Considering the proximity of the two tanks, the interaction of the two foundations was evaluated for different scenarios taking into account the tanks are to be constructed and loaded at different times.