Earthquake Database

M+EG Earthquake Record Database

MEG consulting Limited (M+EG) has developed an earthquake record database to optimize the data preparation for site response analyses, to reduce repetitive activities and to streamline report preparation.  All the earthquake records in the database do not consider orientation effects (Baturay & Stewart 2002).  The original records of the earthquakes were obtained from the three sources including:

A summary table including earthquake magnitude, epic and hypo-central distances, peak horizontal ground acceleration (PHGA), fault mechanism and site geology, has also been created.  The summary table allows the quick selection of earthquake records (based on the distance, magnitude or other characteristics) to be used for site response analyses.

A set of earthquake record consists of one (1) vertical component and two (2) horizontal components which are baseline-corrected and saved in Microsoft Excel format.  All earthquake records are ready to be used for simplified 1D site response analyses and detailed 2D dynamic numerical modeling, but will need some modification depending on the analyses to be performed.