Bath Slough Pump Station Upgrade

Project: Bath Slough Pump Station Upgrade
Location: Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
Client: ODK/City of Richmond (2013)

The City of Richmond is upgrading the Bath Slough pump station at River Road in Richmond, BC.  The pump station is situated on the land side of the existing dyke that runs along River Road

In 2013, M+EG provided a preliminary assessment of the ground conditions at the site, organized and supervised a geotechnical investigation program for the pump station upgrade works, and undertook an evaluation of the geotechnical foundation stability and design for the proposed upgrade to the Bath Slough Pump Station and associated works.  The existing dike level was also to be raised to above new 200-year flood level.  As a result, ground improvement measures were deemed necessary to satisfy the post-earthquake EQL-3 (2,475-year return period) design requirements.

The pump station upgrade will be constructed in 2015.

Project Highlights:

• Ground improvement using timber piles was designed to mitigate liquefaction and associated lateral spread of the dike and pump station foundations expected under the design earthquake event (2475-year return period).  Simplified methods using SLOPE/W and time-history finite element analyses using FLAC have been carried out to evaluate the dike and foundation performance during the design earthquake. 
• Design of ground improvement layout has been modified/optimized to accommodate the many utility constraints at the site .