Construction Services

MEG Consulting Limited (M+EG) has provided geotechnical construction services on industrial, infrastructure and oil and gas projects in Canada and Overseas.  Construction services provided range from ground inspection, geotechnical testing and instrumentation, and monitoring during construction to ensure compliance with design specifications.  Construction services have also been provided for the geotechnical design of temporary structures and evaluation of post-construction performance.

Specific teams/personnel are designated on a project-by-project basis in accordance with technical requirements considering the specific project characteristics/details/objectives.  Experienced field and design personnel base all activities on the project information in order to achieve adequate control related to construction risk, costs and schedule/management.

Construction services include:
  • Site condition evaluation including subgrade inspection;
  • Construction monitoring and QA/QC;
  • Supervision, instrumentation and monitoring, including impact evaluation of construction methods on adjacent structures;
  • Geotechnical testing including pile instrumentation, testing and evaluation of installed condition (PDA/CAPWAP and static);
  • Evaluation of post-construction performance including independent auditing and review.
In terms of the most relevant recent projects, M+EG has provided geotechnical inspection/monitoring expertise for the following projects:
  • Pile testing (PDA) and installed capacity evaluation (CAPWAP analyses) of more than 300 steel and concrete piles for over 100 projects in Vancouver, the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island and BC interior.  Field services provided from 2006 through 2014.  Additional driveability analyses have been performed on selected projects to provide recommendations on hammer selection, pile driveability and pile completion, including recommendations on pile plug construction to ensure proper end-bearing resistance.
  • Field supervision and monitoring during the construction of TCH Underpass as part of the Golden Ears Bridge Project (2007) including stability evaluation of excavations and review of dewatering scheme.
  • Monitoring of the TransMountain (TMPL/Kinder Morgan) pipeline crossing south of Barnston Island in Langley, BC, during construction works for the Golden Ears Bridge Project (2008).  The construction monitoring services included vibration and ground deformation instrumentation and field inspection to ensure the integrity of the Kinder Morgan pipeline during construction activities.
  • Monitoring and QA/QC during the construction of ground improvement works for the new Pitt River Bridge foundations (2007).  Geotechnical construction services included field testing and on-site supervision for stone column ground improvement and dynamic pile testing using PDA and CAPWAP analyses.  Vibration monitoring on adjacent operational bridge was required during the stone column installation.

  • Geotechnical support during Delta Port Berth 3 Construction (2007-2009), which included the evaluation of temporary stability of the excavation for caisson foundations, QA/QC of the offshore vibro-densification/replacement of the granular mattress for the caissons, including energy monitoring of the Becker hammer test used for quality control.
  • Geotechnical site inspection during the construction of the 204th Street Overpass in Langley, BC (2006) including QA/QC geotechnical activities required for issuing the construction certificates, pile installation evaluation (i.e. PDA/CAPWAP) and vibration monitoring and risk mitigation recommendations during the construction of the bridge foundations over existing rail lines and adjacent to commercial buildings.

  • Effects of quarry blasting on possible ground settlements in adjacent residential area (2007).  Specialist monitoring and consulting services for a legal case in the US included the evaluation of ground vibration information collected from a series of geophones installed at different distances from the quarry and monitored during the quarry blasting work, evaluation of recorded PPV values, assessment of potential ground displacements expected due to the blasting work, evaluation of ground displacement patterns/values reported as attributed to the blasting work, comparison of expected and observed ground displacements and the provision of recommendations on the potential mechanisms involving ground displacements due to blasting works.
  • Independent review of settlement estimates of embankment structures associated to the Golden Ears Bridge Project (Bilfinger Berger) – 2007 which include recommendations on the use of field monitoring information to adjust the expected post-construction settlement.
  • Development of an instrumentation and monitoring plan to evaluate the effect of pile installation and ground improvement works in the Central Segment (King Edward - Cape Horn Interchange) of the Port Mann Bridge/Highway 1 (PMH1) project (2009-2012).  Monitoring and instrumentation plan included the installation of ground displacement survey points (surface gauges, Borros anchors and inclinometers), piezometers and geophones in the vicinity of and on critical structures/utilities.  Monitoring data used to define safety zones and/or protection schemes to ensure proper performance of the structures during the construction work.  An alert/warning system was developed for the critical structures/facilities in close collaboration with the owners to facilitate the implementation of remedial measures, if required.  The scope of the monitoring plan involved the instrumentation and surveillance of the west abutment of the old Port Mann Bridge, CP railway alignment through Cape Horn, Kinder Morgan pipeline, GVWD&SS major sewer line, Terasen high pressure gas line and Telus Fiber Optic main line.