Paul Sully, AScT

MTS Laboratory Manager

Paul Sully obtained his diploma in Civil Engineering Technology in 2009, from the British Columbia Institute of Technology.  Mr. Sully is experienced in a full suite of geotechnical tests ranging from basic classification and index tests through to static triaxial, resonant column, cyclic DSS and consolidation testing.  Paul manages the soils laboratory at M+EG Technical Services and has extensive experience in performing advanced testing (resonant column, cyclic direct simple shear, CAUC/CIUC/CD triaxial) for many different soil types.  Paul is responsible for the day-to-day operations and QA/QC of the laboratory. 

Paul is experienced in PDA testing, vibration monitoring, Becker testing and site investigation.  Paul has performed PDA testing on many projects throughout British Columbia.

Paul is fluent in English and Spanish.