Gordon Fung

Foundation Engineering (Onshore)

Fung, G., Parra, E.P., Sully, J.P., Scott, J., McIntyre, J.  (2015).  Development of Lateral Earth Pressures on a Rigid Wall due to Seismic Loading, Vancouver Geotechnical Society 23th Symposium, June, Vancouver, Canada.


Fung, G., Cajigas, G., Tones R., MacDonald, D., Kerr, J.R., Parra, E.P., Sully, J.P. (2010).  Design and Construction of MSE Slopes Associated with the Port Mann Bridge, Vancouver, British Columbia, Vancouver Geotechnical Society 19th Symposium, June, Vancouver, Canada. 


Fung, G., Parra, E.P., Sully, J.P., Kerr, J.R., Akins, K.P.  (2011).  Seismic Modeling of a Reinforced Slope, 2011 Pan-Am Canadian Geotechnical Society Conference, October, Toronto, Canada.